Tamara Gomez designs and hand crafts rough diamond and gem set fine jewellery in sterling silver and various carats of gold from her studio at Cockpit Arts in Central London.

Born in Sri-Lanka, Tamara trained at Loughborough College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art.

Tamara's jewellery has a raw luxury and enduring style derived from using traditional gold smithing techniques while maintaining an idiosyncratic approach to making and her inspiration embraces nature, spirituality, intuition and serendipity.
As well as creating evolving collections, Tamara regularly works to commission on bespoke designs.

Tamara’s signature 'Rough diamond collection' recognizes the raw beauty of a natural uncut diamond and celebrates the quirks that rough diamonds have, where certain parts of the jewellery industry would call these quirks inclusions.

Tamara see’s these so called inclusions as character giving.
They are not flaws.
It’s just nature going about its sometimes unpredictable but awe inspiring business.

A good analogy is to look at us human beings.
Each of us has our own distinctive characteristics. None of us are perfect and there is always beauty to be found in imperfection.